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12 Mar Cookcell App beta 1_1
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Cookcell App Down..
16 Apr What is the lunch menu that will make you feel better when you go out in the spring?
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The breezy cold, which seemed to never end, passed, and a warm spring sun came to me. In addition to the cherry blossoms that announce the start of spring, flower festivals are held all over the count..
07 Sep Cooke, stainless steel frying pan brand
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Black Cube Co., Ltd. won the first prize in the kitchen utensils (frying pan) category on the ceremony of '2016 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index No.1', which was selected by consumers in Ramada Hotel..
15 Sep [1st place in Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index] Cookcell,
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Cookcell, the specialty brand of frying pans, won the first prize in the kitchen utensils (frying pan) category at the awards ceremony of '2017 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index', which was selected b..
15 Sep For the cooker, 3 lines of eye catching kitchen utensils
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[Life Team] The number of 'Homechefs' who are cooking at home recently is increasing. In addition to the generalization of the home party culture, there is a lot of people who try cooking at home beca..
15 Sep Design Kitchen Terrier Frying Pan 'Cookcell', Technology Makes Design
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Domestic luxury design frying pan, maker of black-cubed (Woongjin Sook Kim), 'cook cell' single, double kitchen frying pan and wick are gaining popularity as an essential item of kitchen-terrier house..
30 Nov Cooks-Phillips-Tefal, kitchen cooking utensil for beginners
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As the chef prepares food on the spot, the popularity of the cooking program has increased and many people have found the pleasure of cooking their own recipes. Now, cooking is becoming a hobby.Howeve..
30 Nov 'Cookseel - Philips - Millet', kitchen appliances for newlyweds
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There are those who enjoy the spring with a feeling of being excited more than anyone while being excited at the complete spring energy. A newly married couple who is ready for marriage. Newly married..
30 Nov Cookcel focuses on Canton Fair, Asia's largest trade fair
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For the second consecutive year, Black Cube Korea 's CookCell, Korea' s No. 1 consumer satisfaction index, participated in Canton Fair, Asia 's largest trade show.At the Canton Fair held in Canton, Ch..
30 Nov Cooking beginners OK! A simple recipe made with frying pan
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Cooking programs by professional chefs to create their own food are gaining popularity, and new food cultures such as cooks and food are emerging. As the interest in cooking increases, there is an inc..
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