[Life Team] The number of 'Homechefs' who are cooking at home recently is increasing. In addition to the generalization of the home party culture, there is a lot of people who try cooking at home because of the influence of the cook room and the cook room which informs the chefs of the famous chefs.

Especially, eating out and delivery food tired of the Honbop and Horns are turning into a 'homechean', which is fueling the heat. Introducing premium kitchen utensils with performance, design, comfort and health for home-chefs.

1. Transformer Grille - FiberTech "Bratten"

FiberTech's multi-grille 'BRATEN', featuring a professional force from the first impression, is changing the concept of portable gas grill based on simple yet elegant design and versatility of European sensibility.

The surface burning burner manufactured by environmentally friendly molten metal extraction method is applied to the upper part of the product and the heat is applied by the top-down far-infrared method, so the food does not adhere to the baking plate and little fine dust, soot, flame and noxious gas are generated.

Also, unlike small volumes, the top grill, bottom grill, automatic rotating skewer, roasting case, and other cooking tools are all built in, so you can make grilling dishes of all kinds, including meat, seafood and vegetables, BBQ and skewers . Because it uses portable gas instead of electricity, it is easy to store and move, so it is best used for home and camping.

2. Hybrid Frying Pan - Black Cube 'Cookcell'

If you are a genuine home chef, even a frying pan needs a different perspective. The Black Cube hybrid cooker, 'Fusion Cook', is a combination of a stainless steel fan and a coated fan. It is an essential tool when you want to recreate a professional chef 's skill at home.

The cooker, which has a unique minimalist design in Northern Europe, is made of stainless steel-aluminum-stainless steel to maximize heat conduction while completely preventing sticking with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved coating agent. In particular, the hexagonal dot embossed cube on the inside and bottom of the fan has a high durability such that the heat distribution ratio and thermal conductivity are increased and the coating is protected and the coating is not peeled even if it is washed with a high strength wool.

The product is designed to make it easy for beginners to enjoy delicious dishes. Also, there is no rivet head inside the fan, so food does not penetrate and easy to clean. The warranty period is one year, but it can be very attractive to feel the home-cooked feeling because the more you cook it according to the cooking patterns in your home, the easier it is to use.

3. Breath of the Master 's House - Smeg' Convection Analogue Oven '

If you have some recognition of your home chef's ability with delicious dishes, why not try a party?

Italy's premium appliance brand Smeg recently launched its 'Convection Analog Oven', a baking oven that boasts state-of-the-art baking technology and exceptional user-friendliness as a result of its partnership with famous Italian chefs. The double reinforced door improves insulation and stability, and the large capacity of 60ℓ with 4 trays makes it possible to make large bread without problems.

In particular, up to 38 recipes can be stored and steam is added to provide moisture without opening the door, making baking easier and faster. In the design, recently completed stylishness with the built-in stainless steel material, and Nero Vista door glass which is not visible when not in use, enhances the elegance of the kitchen.

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