Domestic luxury design frying pan, maker of black-cubed (Woongjin Sook Kim), 'cook cell' single, double kitchen frying pan and wick are gaining popularity as an essential item of kitchen-terrier housewife who dreams of beautiful kitchen recently.

The Black Cube's 'Cook Cell' is a product that has revolutionized design by applying technology as well as the function of stainless steel pan. Innovative design was born with Black Cube's technology-intensive 'dot embouchure' technology. 'Dot Embo Cube' is a hybrid technique through the combination of a stainless steel frying pan and a coating frying pan. The honeycomb-shaped hexagonal black cube design boasts not only the inside of the fan but also the bottom part touching the thermal power such as induction and gas. For this reason, the patented "cookcell" technology was used in German companies, but it was won, and it became a unique technology that covets the world more.

'CookCell' is a patented 'Dot Embo Cube' technology which is applied to the stainless steel frying pan by the world. It improves the non-stick part which is a disadvantage of the universal stainless steel fan and dramatically shortens the life time of the coating fan. To make long-term use possible. The FDA approved coating on the inner surface of the stain lace is further protected and safe to use, making it possible to use the high strength iron semi-finished product after cooking and to use it hygienically.

On the other hand, the Black Cube 'Cookshell' design workbook and frying pans have recently been recognized for their excellent design and technology, and are innovating the design of the Korean TV drama kitchen with the cooperation products of KBS 'Golden My Life' and SBS 'Love Temperature'. As a main product of kitchen terrier, we expect that cooks frying pan and wok will be loved by people all over the world.

On the other hand, 'CookCell' can be purchased through online large mall, open market and commerce 'Intibis item', all shoppers' shop.