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Cookcell fryingpan Double DFP 30cm (11.81 INCH) * 1 piece

Cookcell fryingpan Double DFP 30cm (11.81 INCH) * 1 piece
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  • Model: Cookcell
  • Weight: 1,140.00g
  • Dimensions: 49.00cm x 32.50cm x 65.00cm
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Because it is a metal propagation, it contributes to a quick and balanced heat generation.
The convex stainless steel doors and floor logic coating are characterized by a good, sticky function and a long warranty.
Kitchen products exported under 14 brands in 20 countries.

A new concept frying pan combining stainless steel frying pan with coating frying pan.

It's called a hybrid frying pan.

undaunted enthusiasm, years of intensive technolog, Patent registration for Germany, China and Korea.

Cookcell coating technology is coated by digging a fine, viscous groove into the surface of the stainless steel frying pan.

Tri-ply Technology, Safe 304 Stainless

It doesn't peel easily with a nonstick coat.(PFOA FREE)

Cookcells are exported under 10 brands in more than 20 countries around the world.

kitchen innovation

Stainless kitchenware is recommended to cook on low heat after the temperature has risen.







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